Performance Improvement

Hendy Consulting has a unique methodology for improving the performance of technology companies, both through top-line improvements and through strategic cost reduction.

Hendy Consulting's performance improvement approach combines top-line enhancement strategies with a strategic cost reduction methodology.

The top-line enhancement approach balances the standard marketing levers of price, volumes and mix, with new growth initiatives based on the company's inherent capabilities, the removal of barriers to growth and on partnering.

The cost reduction approach seeks to define a business by its key economic cost drivers. In this way all businesses can be decomposed to look at the impact of the 8 generic levers: scale, scope, product design, organization structure, location, business model, manufacturing approaches and management policy. These levers are the ones that influence cost development at a fundamental level. Decisions to change the scope of a business (say by restructuring or selling a whole business line) are the ones that will have the most immediate and lasting effect.

Additionally we have developed a multi-peer based performance improvement approach that uses reverse costing techniques and financial and performance benchmarks to build up financial models of a company's key competitors. By understanding the differences in profitability between the companies, we can create a proven and concrete financial performance improvement plan that builds on strategies that have already been proven as effective in the market place.

Changes in price and mix are often more effective at increasing profitability than cost reduction measures. And if you cut cost – you must do so strategically, not by pruning each budget.