Hendy Consulting brings together teams of top-tier strategists and industry managers to improve business performance in the Displays, Imaging and High Technology industries. We also publish strategic insight papers on the state of the industries. Please visit us frequently for new insights.

February 2010

Market review for display, photovoltaic and lighting barrier materials

Hendy Consulting Limited has just completed a review of the vibrant world of barrier films and encapsulation techniques. Based on a review of market data sources and interviews with over 20 key participants including executive management at top display and photovoltaic companies, we formulated a set of market scenarios for high-performance barrier materials over the next 10 years. We formed opinions on the adoption of flexible OLEDs and flexible PV and OLED lighting materials based on different roll-to-roll equipment adoption schemes and market developments. Perhaps the most fascinating findings were about the emergence of several groups of players across the globe serving this market, with a range of different barrier approaches that will compete potentially leading to divergent market outcomes

December 2009

Medical Detector strategy: Amorphous silicon and CMOS detectors

Hendy Consulting Limited has just completed a strategic review of the A-Si and CMOS medical detector markets looking for cost saving opportunities to source from alternative vendors. As part of the assignment, we built up models of the economics of both technologies and performed a complete competitor analysis to look for new strategic options. We brought our display experience to bear on the question of optimal display plate sourcing, identifying ways to link detector product and supply strategies to options for reduced cost.

March 2009

Outsourcing strategy

Hendy Consulting Limited has just completed the outsourcing strategy for a major Imaging Diagnostics business. The medical diagnostics industry faces a particular challenge in finding outsourcing partners that understand the life-cycle issues associated with the market and will make binding commitments to cost reduction and performance enhancement. No outsourcing player today offers the full range of electronics, mechatronics and high-tech component building blocks that would be the ideal partner for a major Diagnostics player. In the meantime, Imaging companies need to pursue hybrid approaches to deliver high quality product at lower cost.

Hendy Consulting Limited synthesised the outsourcing plans for a major Imaging Diagnostics player, defining key metrics and identifying the key steps for the business to embrace to be able to outsource at the next level.

October 2008

Low cost country (LCC) sourcing strategy for major Medical device company

Medical companies globally are looking for ways to radically lower the COGS of Imaging Systems while at the same time delivering new functionality. The global majors have all embraced Low cost country sourcing (LCC sourcing) as a critical initiative to seek suppliers for appropriate commodities in China, India and beyond. Hendy Consulting Limited has recently completed an assignment for one of the global majors to summaries the top opportunities in LCC across a multi-business unit division. Hendy Consulting worked with general managers and development heads across the division to translate the pareto-optimal top 24 opportunities into discrete actionable plans while also creating transparency about the link between commodity cost structures and the likelihood of an LCC option.

July 2008

Organisation redesign

Hendy Consulting Limited has recently completed an organisational redesign of the purchasing department of a major corporate. Leveraging commonly purchased commodities and moving to a standard organisational working model across 7 different business units were key themes in this global reorganisation. Hendy Consulting facilitated the leadership team in this effort, assisting in gaining executive buy in for the changes and in the detailed roll out, affecting more than 200 professionals in over 10 global sites.

April 2008

Medical diagnostic imaging component cost reduction

The Hendy Consulting has recently completed a cost reduction assignment for a major Medical Component company, identifying over 30% of BoM (Bill of Materials) cost reduction opportunities from competitive sourcing, technology innovations and new processes.

CEO of Hendy Consulting, Ian Hendy said, “The Medical component business, particularly the tube and detector businesses, are the high technology hearts of the medical imaging industry. We are pleased to that Hendy Consulting can now offer the same high quality consulting services to a new high technology market. The fact that we have been able to deliver so much value is a good indicator of the opportunities in the medical space that can be captured through strong strategic analysis” products.

July 2007

Expertise in touch panels

The Apple iPhone has raised the profile of touch technology by offering new ways to interact with consumer devices. In the past 12 months, Hendy Consulting has been working on an extensive strategic marketing plan for a touch start-up whose innovative optical touch technology offers unique advantages including "double touch" for many different market applications.

During this assignment, Hendy Consulting conducted an interview programme with 24 respondents across 8 different market segments (telecom handsets, smart-phones, portable multimedia devices, automotive/GPS, POS, kiosk, automation/specialist and tablet PC). We spoke to senior engineering, marketing and product management executives at companies from HP to Apple, MICROS to Sony Ericsson and Palm to Garmin to form a complete view of the various market opportunities.

This assignment has greatly enhanced Hendy Consulting's expertise and credentials in the touch panel space. We have developed a clear and detailed view on all touch technologies in the market and touch panel suppliers in Asia, USA, Europe and other regions. Hendy Consulting believes that we are in a very good position to offer industry-leading consulting services to touch panel suppliers and device and system integrators that use touch panels in their products.

February 2007

LCD sourcing strategies for British and Chinese players

Hendy Consulting has recently advised two very different players, a Chinese multinational and a British start-up on LCD sourcing strategies.

Ian Hendy, founder and CEO of Hendy Consulting said, "Hendy Consulting has now completed a number of different LCD sourcing assignments, from our initial work in transflective displays in 2003 to recent projects in bistable displays and large panel TFT-LCD sourcing. What is clear is that LCD sourcing is a complex strategic topic where assessments of cost need to be traded off with other commercial questions (such as the potential supplier's hunger for the business opportunity) and the fit of the business opportunity with the supplier's current business portfolio. Our belief is that ad-hoc price shopping is a difficult and unsustainable approach and that hiring a display specialist, such as Hendy Consulting, is the best proposition to put in place a long-term plan. Asian and Western players face the same challenges in understanding suppliers' technologies, factories, capabilities and costs and how their own strategies can be tweaked to ensure long-term competitive advantages. We were particularly excited to enter the mainland Chinese display market and make our services available there."

December 2006

Strong credentials in display semiconductors

Hendy Consulting has strengthened its credentials in display semiconductors during 2006.

By the end of 2006, Hendy Consulting has completed a number of assignments in the display semiconductors market, including a full assessment of the whole display drivers space, from LCD, OLED, PDP and cholesteric ICs to architecture chips. Hendy Consulting has put together a team of experts that is available to offer mixed-signal and digital semiconductor advisory services on market strategy, product strategy and competitive positioning. We have also examined the trade-offs between integration on LCD glass and integration on silicon, allowing silicon makers to understand the system-level issues.

December 2006

Industry advisor to restructuring of LG.Philips Displays (now known as LP Displays)

Hendy Consulting has acted as an advisor to the restructuring of the world's largest CRT company, LG.Philips Displays.

Ian Hendy, founder and CEO of Hendy Consulting said, "We were excited to be selected as the industry advisor in this restructuring. We fielded a world-class team of CRT experts, including marketing, factory management and general management expertise. We advised on a broad range of issues such as market development, trade-sale strategy and strategic options for specific CRT and component factories to grow or dispose of assets.

We were also very pleased that Luc Mongeon, a writer for International Financing Review Asia (IFR Asia) - the leading publication covering capital markets in Asia - covered our work for the consortium in IFR Asia demonstrating that Hendy Consulting can be called upon to provide world-class services to display and high-technology companies and their investors."

December 2006

Expanding global client base in 2006

2006 has been a great year for Hendy Consulting. It has served 9 clients on 4 continents from financial restructuring advisors and investment banks, to display multinationals and start-ups in display and high-technology industries. Our client included the following:

  1. An LCD backlight manufacturer: A product positioning and market assessment
  2. A display driver IC manufacturer: A market assessment and growth strategy
  3. An OLED display company: A technology growth strategy assignment
  4. A manufacturer of telecom handset casings: A competitive analysis and trade-sale strategy
  5. A novel display technology manufacturer: A sourcing strategy and competitive analysis
  6. A private equity fund: A potential TV investment feasibility study assignment
  7. An investment bank: A CRT TV and LCD TV market forecast
  8. A touch panel company: A strategic marketing plan assignment
  9. A restructuring advisor and group of investors: An operational assessment and restructuring advice on a leading CRT company

April 2006

Outlook on the European display industry

Ian Hendy, the CEO of Hendy Consulting recently presented a provocative outlook on the future of the European display industry. To download Hendy Consulting's viewpoint, please click here (PDF 350k)

June 2005

Hendy Consulting CEO, Ian Hendy joins UK SID committee

Ian Hendy, the CEO of Hendy Consulting recently accepted an invitation to join the UK SID committee to further the aims of the display business in the UK and Europe.

January 2005

Market outlook for large panel LCD market

Hendy Consulting today published its market outlook for the large panel LCD market in 2005 and 2006. Hendy Consulting predicts that adverse Gen 7 marginal economics, coupled with excessive industry over expansion and difficult LCD TV demand elasticities will lead to a gloomy future for the LCD industry.

To download Hendy Consulting's viewpoint in this area, please click here (PDF 81k).