Investment Support

Hendy Consulting provides support for major international technology deals. We provide advice in partner selection, valuation, deal scope, governance and integration. We also act as technology agents on behalf of our clients.

Deal Support and Technology Agency

Hendy Consulting has experience in many large cross-border transactions and on a much larger range of commercial agreements, (Joint Development Agreements) JDAs and licensing agreements.

We believe that a clear understanding of the deal rationale from first thought to completion is critical in executing a beneficial deal. A clear high level picture can then be translated into the myriad of lower level agreements.

Being one step ahead of your negotiation partner in terms of preparation and an understanding of the key sensitivities in any valuation leads to better value outcomes. In particular, an alternative to a negotiated agreement is the value benchmark used to hold negotiators accountable.

We offer teams of consultants to support deal negotiation exercises and can provide full technology agency services for complete portfolios of technology. Our consultants and partners have a strong combination of technology understanding and business/negotiations expertise and are located in all the key markets.

Completing a deal successfully and under the most advantageous conditions depends on clarity of thinking, preparation and the ability to put yourselves in the other party's shoes.