Investment Support

Hendy Consulting and its people have facilitated the approval of over $5bn in capital expenditures. We assist in validating market assumptions, identifying risks and providing contingencies.

Capex Decision Making and Costing Analyses

Typically capex approval processes in Western technology companies revolve around NPV-type analyses. However, the assumptions in these analyses are difficult to make, given the high degree of variability of technology markets. Terminal value calculations are particularly difficult, especially since these often represent the bulk of the value and are the most likely to be influenced by technology substitutions.

Hendy Consulting can assist in validating the critical assumptions and looking at longer term market scenarios. Additionally, we can use our technology expertise to understand implementation risks and to provide direct experience into improving these capex projects.

We also provide detailed factory and product costing analyses.

Well thought out capital investments are as much about the economic returns as understanding and planning for the risks.