Growth Strategy

Hendy Consulting works with established businesses to help them grow more quickly. Whether it is a new increasing share, entering new markets, or acquiring new capabilities, Hendy Consulting has a unique methodology to deliver growth more quickly.

Market Strategy

We provide complete market strategies to larger, multi-business
players by looking in detail at economic drivers and core competencies. The Hendy Consulting growth enhancement framework balances growth delivery from standard marketing levers such as volumes, market shares, new products/services and pricing with three other approaches that have proven to be highly successful in the high technology marketplace:

Seizing inherent competencies : Often the source of inspiration for a new business opportunity comes from a detailed understanding of the competencies of an organization. In many cases, companies have not verbalised their core strengths clearly and are unaware of potential areas of competitive advantage. We use benchmarking, industry experts, competitive interviewing and workshops to draw out these insights and to develop plans to exploit these strengths.

Removing constraints to growth : Through a systematic process of questioning previous practices and breaking down business problems, we seek to remove the constraints to further growth. In each case we ask, "How is it that we could achieve this goal?" in a way that builds up competency development plans, partnership discussions and changes in internal policies.

Forming partnerships to bring in new competencies : We believe that especially in the technology industry, partnerships allow companies to compete in areas previously inconceivable. We talk openly about culture fit and business strategy fit, so that the potential additional risks can be clearly understood. We have experience executing and managing large Joint-Venture companies and understand the major pitfalls.

Delivering growth is about the disciplined use of all of today's standard marketing levers coupled with brainstorming and blue sky thinking.