Growth Strategy

Hendy consulting uses a unique growth framework to identify opportunities and remove constraints to growth. Partnering and collaboration are considered. Often it is inherent core competencies that are the source of new growth.

Hendy Consulting works for display and high technology companies of all sizes from start-ups and new venture business units to major international corporates to enhance growth prospects through a range of four core services:

Technology Commercialisation

We provide marketing, management and technical support for the commercialisation of new products and services, developing business and marketing plans, identifying potential development and commercial partners and helping to identify solutions to technology development challenges. MORE>>

Start-up Growth Enhancement

We assist start-ups in moving to the next level of growth. Often this will mean driving forward the marketing strategy for one key business or helping a start-up negotiate a major channel partnership or JDA (Joint Development Agreement) with a larger player or supporting fund raising activities. MORE>>

Market Strategy

We provide complete market strategies to larger, multi-business players by looking in detail at economic drivers and core competencies. Our growth enhancement framework balances growth delivery from standard marketing levers such as volumes, market shares, new products/services and pricing with three other approaches that have proven to be highly successful in the display and high technology market places. MORE>>

Market Entry

We provide complete market entry strategies from a description of the potential opportunity in financial terms to an assessment of required new competencies or partnerships and detailed action plans. In particular we understand business in Asia and can advise on market entry strategies for Japan, Korea, Taiwan and mainland China. MORE>>

Growth in technology markets is as much about partnering with other companies or removing constraints to progress as it is about new commercial programmes and new technologies themselves.