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Hendy Consulting is run as a network of consultants, operating globally. We bring together the right balance of skills for our clients on each and every assignment.

Hendy Consulting People

Based in London, Hendy Consulting has a global network of consultants covering many areas of display, semiconductor and other high technology markets. Our consultants have a cumulative over 100 years experience of in high technology markets covering roles including:

  • CEO and General Manager
  • CTO and heads of Research and Development departments
  • Marketing Officers
  • Heads of Display Strategy
  • Senior Strategy Consultants and Engagement managers

We bring together the right balance of skills for our clients on each and every assignment.

Ian Hendy
Founder and CEO of Hendy Consulting

Ian Hendy was formerly Senior Director of Strategy for Displays for Philips Components, a division of Royal Philips Electronics. He was responsible for advising the divisional management team and corporate management team on display strategies across $9bn of display revenue.


Mr Hendy's display and high technology experience includes:

  • Being a member of the core team that established LG.Philips LCD, one of the leaders in the LCD industry. Mr Hendy was responsible for leading the valuation work and much of the thinking on deal structure and governance framework.
  • Reporting to the chairman of the board of LG.Philips LCD and reviewing $5bn of capex plans.
  • Facilitating the decision to stop PDP within Philips.
  • Developing the industrial and partnering strategy for Philips's OLED business in the Components Division.
  • Being chosen by Philips and LGE to lead the investigation of a peer to peer merger in the large panel LCD industry managing a team of over 30 contributors.
  • Heading the marketing function for the large display (flat panel monitor and TV) LCD business within Philips implementing a segment-based product marketing approach and helping to grow the business from revenues of $250m to $600m within 2 years.
  • Facilitating the change process for a Philips division with interests in the following areas: optical storage, wireless connectivity, input devices and thin clients and Automotive and PDA subsystems
  • Selling, leading and delivering on many other display and high technology related assignments as CEO of Hendy Consulting.

Mr Hendy received his strategy consulting training from Braxton Associates, the strategy division of Deloitte Consulting. He has an MA from Cambridge University in Mathematics and Japanese and an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York, NY.

Hendy Consulting provides a quality, breadth and depth of display experience which is not found elsewhere.