About Us


Hendy Consulting has broad and deep understanding of the display market, with previous assignments and experience in LCDs, PDP, CRT, LCoS, DLP, OLEDs and many other emerging display technologies.



Hendy Consulting is a company with a specialism in the display industry. We have both broad and deep knowledge of this market including the following areas:

LCD technology

Covering a-Si and LTPS plus new innovative LC modes and the whole value chain from lighting providers and optical films to driver ICs, assemblers and integrators

CRT technology

For global CRT businesses and components

PDP and projection technologies

Including most other large screen display technologies

OLED technologies

Both for passive and active matrix as well as materials expertise, IP, semiconductor and equipment coverage

Flexible display technologies

Covering back-plane and front-plane technologies, materials, processes and equipment

Other new innovative display technologies:

Including bistable displays, electrophoretic and other effects


We offer the following services to the display industry:

We offer a network of consultants with contacts and expertise in all critical display markets:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

We speak English, Japanese and Mandarin and have worked in all major display markets

We offer a broad range of services to the display market from pricing and product strategy to capex and investment advice.