About Us


Hendy Consulting uses a mix of methodologies designed for the technology market, with specific custom approaches for unique situations. We emphasise value based decision making and the understanding of risk.

Hendy Consulting's approach is based on 6 key standards:

1. Insightful

Delivering insightful but pragmatic business solutions and results.

2. High impact and value-driven

Providing a solution that gives a step-change in terms of the clients' business or understanding of their business. We are driven to deliver enhanced shareholder value and to find creative solutions that raise the bar.

3. Integral

Hendy Consulting will work as an extension and an integral part of your team. While working for the board or senior executive on a confidential basis is sometime required, we maintain an open working style and seek to transfer skills and approaches to our client.

We seek to understand the goals and aspirations of each organisation and to further those aims.

4. Fact-based

We are fact-based and analytically robust.

5. Big-picture thinking and understanding of details

We seek to find approaches that recognise the big-picture and yet are cognisant of the details.

6. Integrity

As consultants within a defined market space, we recognise that integrity and business ethics are paramount.

Hendy Consulting aims to provide a world-class service that merges the best of first-tier strategy consulting with industry expertise from experienced managers who have faced the challenges that clients find in our industry.

Hendy Consulting’s hallmark is insightful,
high-impact work.